Beautiful Eulogy

God (Inspired by)

You came in lowly fashion
to display your passion
for the souls of men
to make us whole.


You became a man
to pave the Lord's way
to redeem us
from a death we earned
since we were first condemned.


You died in our place;
you covered us in grace
when our deserved outcome
was the grave.


You saved humanity
when we rejected you;
you removed our shame
though we cursed your name.


You mended the severed
relationship between
morality and the divine
with a crown of thorns
before returning to your throne.


The greatest expression of love
was two arms extended
on that cross on Calvary's hill
where your Father's will
was fulfilled.


Three nails
two wooden poles
one last breath
and the rest is history.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "Beautiful Eulogy" by Beautiful Eulogy

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