The Presence of an Absent Father


I cannot remember
the last time
you ever hugged me.


I am unable to recall
when you said
anything encouraging.


In your silence
the words "I don't love you"
reverberate through me.


All I hear is a resounding
"You are not good enough"
echoing in your indifference.


Without the influence
of affirming comments,
I am left without acceptance.


I am to fend for myself
in this search for approval
to pursue the wrong people.


I find only pain and abuse
in the arms of other men
trying to fill the void.


The wounds are deep;
the damage is vast,
affecting every aspect of my life.


I will never be complete
without you telling me
I am worthy of love.


All of us walking around
with daddy scars
infecting everyone else.


This disease is the root
of most of society's
addicts and troublemakers.


The druggies roam the streets,
prisons are filled to capacity,
all because of neglectful fathers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the documentary "Absent"

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