It Starts in the Home

I am the byproduct
of a cynical perfectionist
and an irate neglector
so I am blessed with
the worst of both worlds.


Here I am born into
a dysfunctional home;
what hope is there to
become a rational person?


We are all a result
of our surroundings
or the antithesis
of who raised us.


If your father
was an alcoholic,
you end up an alcoholic
or rarely touch a drop.


We all walk around
with invisible scars,
wounds beneath the skin
that fester all our lives.


We are zombies that knaw
on the hearts of others
because of the hurt
we've felt growing up.


It's an endless cycle
that we pass on to
our children like
an unwanted heirloom.


If you've never known love,
you can't show your sons
the meaning of a loving home.


Without a nuturing mother,
how would you know how to
nurture your daughters?


But if you know what
you were missing as a child,
couldn't you give
your offspring what you lacked?


We need to reverse
the course of our future
and it starts in the home.


If we don't raise good kids,
what hope is there for
this country to prosper?

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