My Childhood Best Friend


I miss my childhood best friend.

I wish things hadn’t changed

so much between us.


I wish we never grew up

and became such different people

because I miss what we had.


Never perfect,

but we used to be so close

and do everything together.  


I wish more than anything else

I could been have been there for you

during the hard times.


I wish you shared with me

what you were going through,

I could have helped you.


In the end, I helped you

but you’ve never forgiven me

for what I did to get you out.  


I can’t help blaming myself

for letting things get

as far as they did.


I should have read the signs

and stopped you before

it was too late.


But I wasn’t the friend

I should have been.


I hope one day you’ll see

that I did my best

even though I’ll never have

my best friend back.

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