The Void in my Heart

Too often I focus on
what I don’t have
and forget all that I do.

I want so desperately to fall in love.
For real.

But even if I did experience that,
it would not fill
the void in my heart.

I know that I have no other half
and that only I can complete myself.

But sometimes it would just be nice
to have a hand to hold,
a shoulder to lay on.

Not even a head-over-heels romance.
Just a warm body.

But I know that I can’t handle casual relationships,
and neither should I subject myself to them.

So I have to settle for being alone.

But I know one day,
that all the lonely nights
would not have been in vain.

One day I will meet him,
not the one that will change my life,
but the one who will restore my hope in love.

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