2013: A Better Year

Another year is winding down, and I feel like I’ve moved in reverse since last year. I’ve shriveled up like a caterpillar at the fear of the fact that I may never transform into a butterfly. I started the year in a rut, but I am setting to begin 2013 on a much more positive note. I don’t want to barely live anymore, dragging through the days with no sense of purpose. I know I am meant for great things. I know that because I’m still here. There is a reason I wake up every day.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that the world doesn’t revolve around me. And I can’t expect anyone to make me feel worthwhile. That is my responsibility. So often I have allowed people to hurt me, even unintentionally. But that is no way to live. So I must stop relying on others for my happiness. There is so much more that I could be doing with my time.

So in 2013 I will take each thought captive. I will focus on what I can do to improve myself and forget about my expectations for others. I can control only my own actions, no one else’s. As much as I want for someone to do something, I can’t force them. And I will stop imagining that people are out to hurt me. Even if they are, that doesn’t make me less of a human being because one person doesn’t treat me right. All I can do is move on from these people that don’t add positive energy to my life. So this is one goal to start with. Baby steps.

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