The Corner Whore


They say she’s cheap,
and that’s why they bought her
for such a small price,
for such a short time.

They pay her
for her skin,
but what it cost her
is more than they offer.

She waits on the corner
for another customer
to tell her what she’s worth.

Then one day,
a man came up to her,
gave her everything he had
and told her to leave this life.

He said she sold herself short,
that she’s more precious than
anything money can buy.

He said she was valuable,
so much so that
he sacrificed his life to show her.

She wouldn’t believe it;
she waited for him to tell her
that he owned her now.

He said that on the contrary,
she was liberated, freed
from the charges of her past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Kaleidoscope” by Levi the Poet

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