Letter to an Ex-Lover

My Broken Heart

I deeply appreciate you being there for me the last two months. More than words could express. Thank you for letting me open up to you. Even if it was too little too late. It really helped me. I’m sorry I wasn’t always the greatest company and that you had to see so many tears. I don’t know what you were thinking when I was crying but most of the time it was because I thought you said or did something to hurt me. I know it wasn’t the truth and that’s something I need to work on.

But I honestly never believed that you loved me. I believed you when you said it that you thought it was the truth. But I never really believed that your feelings were that strong for me. Especially in the beginning where you didn’t truly know me yet. And it seemed that the more you learned about me, the less often you said you loved or did actions to display your love.

Since our breakup, though we have tried to maintain some semblance of a friendship, I still constantly feel like a burden to you. I feel like I have to make all the effort even though you say you want this to continue. But when I ask you questions, you never want to give me details. You ask as if I’m intruding but I just want to know you like you know me. I feel like that opportunity has expired and I don’t want to friends with you if we are not open with each other. It seems pointless. So I decided to not drag this out anymore.

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