Dejected by Your Rejection

My Broken Heart

You always tell me
how like myself
you don’t have
any close friends.

I want us to be
to each other
what we are missing
but it doesn’t seem
like you feel the same.

Every time I try to talk
to you, you ignore me;
when I ask if we can
spend time together
you don’t tell me when.

Just when I have
begun to open up to you,
you desert me and then
you wonder why
I have trust issues.

At this point, I’ve
accepted that you
don’t want anything
to do with me.

And once again,
I am all alone with
no one to talk about,
feeling dejected.

I’m tired of people
abandoning me;
I’m fed up that
I can’t count on anyone
to be there for me.

It’s always the same:
someone comes into
my life and as soon
as I feel comfortable
with them, they leave.

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