A Parting

My Broken Heart

“As much as I want you, we cannot be together anymore.”

Your words resonate against the walls of my skin like a bittersweet echo. With these words, you offer a final hug and a parting gift like I just lost on a game show.

I know this is the way it has to be but it’s so hard to say goodbye to someone who was never mine. While I am left with the scent of your cologne and these chocolate truffles, you take away a piece of my heart.

To you, I’m just another random girl in this vapor called life. But you meant so much more to me. For three months, you were the only reason I woke up smiling most mornings because I knew you would be the first friendly face I would see. All my recent, fondest memories were spent with you or thinking about you.

I remember our first kiss in our favorite meeting spot, the best first kiss I’ve ever had. I think of our many secret rendezvous and how alive you made me feel. And then the times that it wasn’t just sexual: our 4-hour conversation in the park under the stars and that one night we held each other like it meant something.

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