A Date With Regret

My Broken Heart

I met this guy at the corner market.

He told me his name was Regret
and he proceeded to chase me
through the aisles of the store.

Don’t all girls love to be pursued.

He took me out for coffee afterwards
and whispered sweet nothings
in the truest sense of the word.

What we had sugary, empty lies.

I told him my weakness over dessert
and he gobbled it up like cake
letting me lick the crumbs from his lips.

He was my plate of temptation.

We walked out hand-in-hand;
He knew he had me wrapped
around his finger eager to please him.

I never meant for this to happen.

Somehow we end up in his bedroom;
he forced his way into my heart
and took advantage of my interest.

I despise the mistake I made.

And there in the heat of the moment,
I screamed his name so loudly
and made my way out the door.

He was my biggest regret personified.

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