Baptized (Spoken Word)

God (Inspired by)

Can’t believe what I’ve done

I’m on the run

so ashamed

of my selfish aims

I abandoned the Son


Can’t stand the sight of me

Please don’t you see

I’m a failure

so impure

What have I to offer thee?


I’m in so much pain

I’m just so vain

filled with pride

and I lied

I don’t deserve your name


Don’t know why I’m so vile

show off my guile

how I deceive

you’d rather leave

but it’s not your style


You died for my sins

gave me new skin

repaired the tear

though unfair

my past is a has been


I hope you break my heart

back to the start

try to define me

and refine me

make me a work of art


Lord, show me your mercy

please don’t curse me

give me your grace

don’t hide your face

Will you just immerse me?


Dunk me in the ocean

in slow motion 

wipe me clean

make me sheen

you’re my sole devotion 


Wash me in the blood

get rid of the mud

white as snow

make me glow

drown me in the flood


Now it’s you I live for

I’m all yours

yes, you alone

you own me

every last pore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Desperate" by Lecrae

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