Puzzle Pieces

I think love is like a puzzle. When you're working on a puzzle, you try to match pieces together. Some would never fit. Others seems like they fit at first glance but then when you put them next to each other you realize that the only way they will fit is if you force them together. But somewhere in that pile of puzzle pieces, there is one perfect fit: two pieces that were meant to be together.


That's love the way God designed it. There are 6 billion puzzle pieces. There could be more than one perfect fit since the amount of puzzle pieces is much bigger. But there are some men and women that will never fit. And others that try to make it work, but after a while they discover it was a forced match.


Then you find that perfect match. Not a perfect person, of course. But someone perfect for you. Someone God made to align with you in the grand scheme of life.


I also think sex is the same way. I think when you find this other puzzle piece, your bodies will fit so perfectly together because your souls, your hearts, and your minds are also in-sync. This is God's master design for sex.


Yeah, you can have sex with those puzzle pieces that sort of fit but it will not satisfy like the right one. When two people that are made for each other are joined, there is nothing that can separate them.

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