Just As I Am

God (Inspired by)

Here I am, God,

in all my brokenness

and all my sinfulness.


Will you accept me

just as I am? 




Welcome, Love.

Enter heaven’s gates

and receive my embrace.


I love you

just the way you are;

you don’t need

to change for me.


I ask that you change

for your own good,

that you may love yourself.


You are precious to me

as flawed as you may be.




But what if I can’t change?

What if I’ll never be good enough?

What if I’ll never measure up

to your perfect standard?




Child, I love you

just the way you are.


Take it one step at a step,

day by day.


Because for the days

you are weak,

I will give you strength

if you simply ask.


When you fall,

I will lift you up;

just lean on me.


When you worry,

cast your cares on me,

and I will lighten your load.


When you are fearful,

pray to me and

I will calm your soul.


You cannot change on your own,

but I can help

if you ask for it.


I would never force you to change.

But I want you to grow,

to become more like me,

and you can do it.


You can do anything

through my support. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “No One Really Wins” by Copeland and “Some Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape” by Underoath and Philippians 4:13

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