Second Chances

Love Blossoms

Am I all out of second chances?

You can’t forgive me forever;

I’m well aware of that fact.

But I’m trying not to

make these same mistakes

over and over

like I’ve done in the past

with other men.

It’s so hard sometimes

because I don’t want

to lose you,

but I know that is

beyond my control.

I can’t force you

to be with me;

it is for your choosing.

But I’ll never stop telling you

how much I miss you,

how much I want you,

how much I need you.

Words will never suffice though.

I can only say I love you so many times,

before my actions must speak for themselves.

So maybe it is best I close my lips now

and wait for you to believe me

when I say I’d do anything to be with you.

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