Psychosocial (Rewrite)


From the womb,

our lives are doomed;

since our birth,

we are meant for earth.

From us, jealousy bleeds,

pouring out greed.

And our souls are soiled;

our hearts leak oil.

We are slick and unrefined:

pride and hate combined.

Superficially charming,

but constantly harming.

We are narcissistic,

in a fable world unrealistic

as the rest of the population

lies in such desolation...

in the ruins we created.

Extinction was fated

when we destroyed

what brought us joy.

Now we build up facades

to try to reach God,

but our lives are a mess

masked with pseudo-success.

We are not a flourishing nation

if we brought devastation

to those less blessed

by saying we were the best.

When we use our wealth

to only further ourselves,

we are allowing the opposition

to line up in position.

And we will ultimately pay

for our egocentric ways

when our adversaries drop

just one much-deserved bomb...

explosive reality.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by so-called song by Slipknot.

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