Just Listen

Just sit awhile

and listen

as my pour my heart out

into open palms.

Pay attention

as this child of yours

bleeds for the last time.

I can't let these scars

you left on me

keep me from healing.

I want to let go

of these grudges

but they pierce the skin,

bruise the heart.

Where were you when

I needed someone

to mend my ego?

Why did you tear me down

so much

when I just wanted

to bring this family together?

Why did you

break so many promises,

keep me in

constant disappointment?

And how dare you

turn around

and say I brought this

on myself?

Are you still listening?

Are you watching the stains

spill from my heart?

You ask me

if you can stop the pain.

The answer is no,

but lead me to the one who can.

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