God (Inspired by)

I cling to the rope  

that’s strangling me,

my feet dangling  

from the rafters.  

Oh feet,

why did you  

lead me here,

bring me to the  

edge of my fears?

My thoughts

are wrapped around

the notion

that I could break free

with a swift motion.  

Why do I hold on

so tight to what  

chokes me to death,

until my final breath?  

Why can’t I let go  

with abandon

and let You save me,

leave the knot undone?

Release the noose

I’ve woven  

and tightened  

around my neck,

lighten the pressure.  

I hung my head in shame,

took on all the blame

for this pursuit

of selfish gain

that almost left me slain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Jennifer Knapp lyrics

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