Not Yours Anymore

My Broken Heart

I am not yours anymore.

I am not a thought  

in your overworked mind.  

I am not a dream

for your restful eyes.  

I am not a touch

across your stubbly skin.  

I am not a kiss

upon your parched lips.  

I am not a hug

when you need comfort.  

I am not yours anymore.

And my heart is lost

without you.  

My tears flow effortlessly,

my body aches for you.  

I need someone  

to hold me right now.

But only you know just how  

to take me in your arms.

My love will not end  

with your last goodbye.  

I may move on,  

but I will still think of you.  

You were my first love,

and I pray you’ll be my last.

But that is all I can do now- pray

and hope God reunites us.  

I am not yours anymore,

but I’ll yearn for the day when I will be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “You can't feel me on your skin. You can't see me. You can't hold me because I am too light, too soft a touch to be understood, because we belong nowhere.”

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