God (Inspired by)

Hiding in the shadows,

wondering if anyone sees

hoping someone sees me.

I’m playing a role,

reading from a script,

keeping the real me secret.

If only I can bring down

my disguise,

show them my eyes,

they will see what

I’ve been hiding.

They’ll see how

I’ve deserted myself

to maintain the mirage.

I’ve erected protective walls

to keep them out

but hoping someone

will build a bridge

to this isolated place.

But no one is an island

even when they feel alone.

The storms will come,

the winds will swell

and my world will come

tumbling down.

I’m feeling the cold

seep into my soul,

but I don’t want my heart

to be frozen to help.

When you come to my rescue,

I want to be ready.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “Island” by Mainstay

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