The Plagues of Heartbreak

My Broken Heart

O Lord,

why do you allow

such calamity

to infect my life?

1. why do you

make my heart

bleed into my tears?

2. why have

these putrid thoughts

overrun my mind?

3. why does evil

swarm around me,

buzzing in my ears?

4. Why do flies

try to eat away

at joy’s flesh?

5. why has disease

decimated all of

my remaining hope?

6. why does heartache

cover my skin with

a swelling rash?

7. why has deception

pelted and dented

heart’s fragile surface?

8. why does loneliness

chirp in my ears

at the fall of dusk?

9. why has light

faded away and

my insides tarred black?

10. why do I feel dead

to living on without

my firstborn love?

Can my heart ever

be softened enough

to become free

from pain and heartbreak?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Alexander’s I’m Not Right- “Our hearts remain untouched by plagues to come”

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