Guilty as Charged

My Broken Heart

This is just a case  

of stolen dignity,

but I’m the one

that let him rob me  

of my self-respect.  

And now what am I

left with except

that I am red-handed?  

I was caught...

the act was love,

the crime was  

due to a gluttonous  

amount of it.  

And now I face

the consequences,

living without you,

behind the bars

of my own persistence.  

But the beauty of it

is I could have  

been blameless

and you still  

would have run away.

I know your type.  

I can spot a victim

of heartbreak  

a mile away.

You can’t get away

this time though;

love got you in her sights

and she’s not letting you

go without a fight.

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