Tributes to Lovers

My whole life

I couldn't keep a guy around

yet here you are

two years later

and I just want you to leave

but you stay

and torture me


All the times

in our year together

that I gave in to you

and I shouldn't have

and my insecurity

rears its ugly head

I reach out to you

or respond to your request


And you threaten my relationship

this beautiful thing 

that happened to me

this person who

after nearly a year still loves me


But I still feel like 

I don't deserve it

no matter how much

he reminds me

of my value and my worth

and I keep coming back to you


I still need to be desired by you

even when being desired by you

left me with so little

as you strung me along


And I keep you at a distance,

a message and never face-to-face

because I knew if I saw you again

I would melt into your arms

and destroy him in the process

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