Personal (Hope)

I've spent my entire life 

cowering in their shadow,

ridiculed and silenced.


I lost my voice,

drowned out by

their fault-finding. 


They cut me deep until

I was bleeding 

from the inside.


They suffocated me 

until my oxygen tank

was empty. 


I lost my will to live 

because they made 

my life a hell.


I thought it was my own mind,

but their influence

seeped into my pores.


They made me who I am-

a product of criticism,

the heir to their negativity.


And while, I shouldn't 

take all the blame,

I can't play victim forever. 


I might have been brainwashed,

but I can't always 

use that as an excuse.


No one else will break the silence;

no one else can break the cycle

except for me. 


I have to take responsibility

for the the choices I've made,

for succumbing to their grooming.


Their words pierced me 

in ways I'm still realizing,

and I've only scratched the surface.


But I can't stand idly 

and give into this life  

built on self-destruction. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Speechless" from Aladdin soundtrack

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