Mountains and Valleys

Divine Revelation

It always happens to me that
the day after I plunge
into the deepest valley,
I reach the tallest peak.


I smile wider on the mountain
because I've wept in the canyon;
I sing louder from the hilltop
because I've mourned in the lowland.


I remember that you brought me through
all of the highs and the lows.
You are the beginning and end of me
and the peace that gives me hope.


I find my strength in you
at the end of my rope.
You are holding me together
when I let go control.


There is nowhere I'd rather be
than in the palm of your hand
where I am cared for and
lulled during the squalls.


You calm the storms around me
but also the rage in my heart
that keeps me up at night
and threatens to ruin my days.


I am so thankful for your love
that daily stills my soul;
it gives my lungs breath
and my voice, a song to sing.

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