Met You for a Reason

Tributes to Lovers

There was a time I thought I wouldn't 

meet anyone better than you.


It once brought me to tears 

that God had someone 

in store for me that would trump you.


In those moments I was thankful 

for a God who doesn't just 

take away the bad things.


He also takes away the good things because 

they weren't the best things.


But looking back now,

the reality was that 

you weren't that good for me after all.


I was so blinded by your looks

that I didn't see how much

your character was lacking.


You never gave me a second thought,

discounted me almost as quickly 

as the first time you kissed me.


I must have seen so little value in myself

that I stayed even when you 

treated me very poorly.


It's sad because I can seem 

like I don't care sometimes

when the reality is that I care too much. 


And that's why I always get hurt

even by the ones who were toxic to me like you.


But there's a lesson here,

there's a point of reflection.


I have a firm belief that 

no one you meet is 

an accident or a coincidence.


I met you for a reason

and maybe that reason

has more to do with me than with you.


Maybe I needed to myself better

and you brought to that place,

or set me on a path I needed to go.


So even if I was rejected in the process,

perhaps that rejection steered me right

with a few detours, of course. 

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