My Chance at Love

Tributes to Lovers

I thought I lost my chance at love;

I thought all the good ones were taken,

but somehow you were being saved for me.


I hate the journey that brought me to you 

but if not for each stepping stone, 

my path would have never led me to you.


How did I get here?

I've gone so far off course

and still you see the good in me,

the potential in me,

the core of who I am still intact.


And you loved that girl,

even when she didn't love herself,

even when she was at the end of herself,

playing victim to her mistakes.


And that changed everything,

changed my whole outlook on life,

now my heart is full to overflowing. 


I hope that I have impacted your life

in the same way you have mine

and that I can give you that confidence

you have been searching for. 


And I hope that we can continue

bettering and encouraging each other,  

and loving each other for the rest of time. 

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