Today I Decide

Tributes to Lovers

I loved you on Sunday
I hated you on Monday
and so the cycle continues.


I wake up each morning
never knowing whether
my feelings will continue.


But even when they don't
I wait until tomorrow
and hope they will return.


My love ebbs and flows
like my mood swings,
but it never fades away.


Sometimes I have to choose
to not walk away in hopes
that we can make it work.


But you'll always find me
one foot out the door,
because forever is daunting.


It's taunting like our love
has a grim reaper ready
to make it all disappear.


Yet today I decide to love
and tomorrow even when feels
impossible, I'll try again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chris 4/Nock Nock/Upper Hand

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