The Last Time

Tributes to Lovers

I'll always remember the last time
and how I lost myself in your kiss.


You made my fantasies come true
and left me with the biggest smile.


Now that I know that was the last time,
I relive all our memories together.


The month we talked before meeting
and how interested you were in me.


Our first date and how nervous I was
with your eyes staring at me.


How when we parted, you kissed me
so gently and I ran away.


Our second date and how I watched you
make your way around the pool table.


And when you kissed me so passionately
that I forgot how to stand for a moment.


Our third date when you touched me
for the first time in that movie theater.


I never craved another's touch so much;
I couldn't get enough of you.


Then all the times you kept me company
and helped assemble things for me.


And the days you held me together when
I felt like I would fall apart.


Then the day that I gave myself to you
and how patient you were with me.


Our first month together and
how I grew into my sexuality.


Then when plans began falling through,
and I would cry at your unavailability.


I tried to find a replacement,
but nothing worked out.


Still there you were wanting me
when I had been with so many others.


And I find it so hard to accept
that I will never see you again.


But I'll always remember the last time
and how you made me feel every time.

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