Prisoner to Desire

Tributes to Lovers

You have me chained to you,
tied to your lust.


I am a prisoner to desire,
and you hold the key.


I am confined
to your compliments.


I am attached to
your attraction to me.


You are guard over my heart,
but it's not safe with you.


You want to control me;
you want to possess me.


You call me your "sexy one"
because you want to own me.


You don't wish to protect me;
you don't even care for me.


To you, I am an object
used for your pleasure.


Yet I find it hard to leave
the cage you designed for me.


I feel locked to you even though
I am free to walk away.


We have so much history;
I've nearly served a year here.


You are a part of my life now
and losing you would crush me.


But I know moving on will be
the only way to obtain peace.

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