At Arm's Length

God (Inspired by)

I wish I could restore my innocence,

rewrite my story from the beginning.


But I was always 

supposed to get here,

wasn't I?


My path was laid out,

and I just followed each step

to where I was meant to end up. 


I never believed love would find me,

so it didn't;

I'm a self-fulfilling prophesy.


But I still believe in hope,

I believe change is possible.


I believe that you won't let me 

sink below the surface;

I believe your hand 

was always within reach.


I just chose to swallow more water

because I wanted to drown in my mistakes.


I thought this was my comeuppance,

but you don't see it that way. 


You don't punish the ones you love;

you let them fail 

because you want them to grow.


You want them to realize 

that you protected them

even when they ran in front 

of an oncoming train.


Your grace was at arm's length,

and I'm holding onto your promises.


Your outstretched arms

hung on that cross

to take my sins to the grave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Rescue Is Coming (B Walk Down Stairs)" by David Crowder

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