The Worst Feeling

Tributes to Lovers

The worst feeling in the world 

is being in love with someone 

who doesn't even care for you.

Looking into your eyes and wishing you 

could see the potential I see. 


Kissing you and feeling something 

I've never felt before. 

But seeing you was killing me. 

You broke my heart every time 

without even trying. 


When you realize certain people 

will never love you 

like you deserve, 

it frees you from 

holding a grudge against them.


It becomes less about why 

they couldn't love you 

(that you don't deserve it)

and more about them being incapable 

of giving you what you needed from them.


And you couldn't give me 

the love that I worthy of

even though I wanted it desperately;

it took me months to come

to a place of acceptance.


But here I am and I forgive you

and more importantly,

I forgive myself 

for holding you a standard

that you would never meet.

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