An Infant's Rejection

Personal (Hope)

I remember
the first time I held you;

you cried in my arms.


I felt so rejected
especially when
I was dealing with it
in other parts of my life.


I wanted to cry
in that moment too
just like you.


And I started to hate you
because like everyone else,
you wouldn't accept me.


But you were an infant;
you didn't know me
so why was I to be
hurt by your tears?


To you, I was a stranger,
holding you hesistantly-
that is why you cried.


The next time
I cradled you more confidently
and you slept in my arms.


This is what I would
have been missing
if I lingered on the first time.


I gave it another chance
before I made this snap judgment
about you.


And this time,
I nearly cried
at how beautiful it was.


And isn't that how
I should confront every situation;
never letting first impressions
ruin my confidence.


Give myself time
to adapt to the environment
and realize a stranger
has no power to reject me.

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