Vanishing Act


I knew it wouldn't last forever
but when you disappeared,
it caught me off guard.


You abandoned me,
deserted me
without rhyme or reason.


I scrambled trying to make sense
of your absense
and my justifications
were completely invalid.


And in the process
of trying to process it,
I added bricks
to my walls.


Then one day,
out of the blue,
you came back to me.


You explained yourself
and brought clarity
maybe when I needed it most.


But I don't know
if everything
can return to normal.


I am not the same person I was
the last time we spoke.


Your vanishing act
changed me,
for better or worse,
I don't know.


I am different
and as such our relationship
must evolve as well.


Maybe this experience
will make us stronger
or maybe it will
all tear us apart at some point.


Only time will tell,
but at least now I know
you didn't leave me out of spite.

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