The Spark in Gone


You kissed me 

knowing I had 

feelings for you.


Our lips met

and I realized that

the spark was gone.


Everything I once 

felt for you 

had disappeared.


Your kiss didn't 

taste like I remembered,

when I was infatuated with you.


I wanted you to care about me

but you never did

and maybe that was the difference.


You just liked torturing me

like I probably torture other men

so maybe I deserve it.


You flaunted your body 

knowing it made me salivate

but then criticized me for it.


Did you do it for 

the ego boost

or because you liked me?


I just know that 

whatever attraction I had for you

has since dissipated. 


Now that I know that 

your character doesn't match

your looks I can move on.

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