Tributes to Lovers

You had an air about you,

sophisticated some would say

yet down-to-earth

with your cultural wristbands.


Everyone called you

the life of the party,

but I knew how stressed you felt

running your own business.


You came to me exhausted

and lied next to me,

catching your breath.


Your touch was gentle;

your kiss was slow.


Then in a haste,

you entered me.


Your face had changed-

a soft smile turned

into an intense stare.


You lost yourself inside me,

and I was happy to give you

that release.


To give you something you needed,

to get through your long days

like you did for me.


Our witty banter

kept my demons at bay

for those weeks.


And for that,

I am grateful:


For those sweet messages,

the midday laughs,

and the way

you called me "Muñeca".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jay

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