Remembering You


I remember the day we met. You told me to wear heels and this short blue dress I had with lots of cleavage. I am so uncomfortable on first dates and this just added to it. I remember the moment you walked up to me. You just had this air about you, this confidence I've never encountered. I remember my lady parts twitched and I don't know that has ever happened before when meeting someone. Your eyes were this intoxicating shade of blue. Piercing they would call them. And you knew you oozed sex appeal. I had dinner across from you in near silence. I felt shier then ever. And you had this devious laugh that added to my timidity. You stared into my eyes with intensity the whole time. It was the strangest first date I had ever been on. When we departed, you gave me a few soft kisses. 


A few days later we met again at a seedy bar. We played a couple rounds of pool. At one point you kissed me and I got so light-headed that I almost fainted. You kissed me several times in that bar. Then you walked me to my car and tongued me very good against my car choking me a little. You were so intense. You were like no one I had met before. You intrigued me and my curiosity got the best of me. 


Over the months that followed, we became very intimate and I learned so much about myself. You were my first of many. The first time I felt comfortable in the bedroom. The first time I made eye contact with my lover. I will always remember your intense stare, your loud moans, your patience, the way you made me smile on my darkest days. 


I never expected to meet someone like you and while the experience brought me some of my highest highs and lowest lows, I wouldn't change a thing. It was a roller coaster I was meant to ride. No pun intended. I learned so much because of you. And for that I am grateful but I know that this fling is meant to end now. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thomas- March through September

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