Passion vs. Pain

I've thought the best pleasure could only be tinged with danger, laced with depravity. After all once you've seen the dark, you can't unsee it. It becomes a part of your being. And the more darkness you let in, the harder it is to find light again. 


But maybe I've fallen for a corrupted image of what I truly want. Perhaps I've confused passion with pain. I want a love so strong, it engulfs me and burns through all my dark places. I want to be so intertwined in someone's gratification that his is mine and mine is his and there is no self anymore. Don't the marriage vows say "two become one." Yes, I understand that now. 


It is not this exchange of pleasure. It is not a give-and-take. It is a harmonious fusion of two bodies that are looking for so much more than an orgasm. It's the purest expression of love. It was always meant to be that. We try to minimize it. Oh, it's just sex. How sad. 


Oh to trust someone so completely that you would give your body to them and they would care for it better than their own. They would embrace your heart and protect your soul. Why settle for anything less?

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