You slaughter my self-esteem,
murder my confidence.


You kill me a little every day
with your criticism and judgment.


You are the voice in my head
telling me I'm not good enough
on a daily basis.


You have been so hard on me

and have hardened my heart

in the process.


A sob is stuck in my throat;
my cheeks wet with all my failures.


I cower in the corner
as your words wound me,
bury me into the shadows.


A bitter word from you
and all my ugliness comes out
like it was sitting just below the surface.


My insecurities bubble up
and retaliation spews like a hose.


You constantly destroy me
(but not as much as I destroy myself).


So often you gave a shovel,
but I was the one that dig my own pit.


It's a downward spiral

and the only one I can blame is myself

for allowing you to break me.

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