For Him


You stare at me and I swear

that you can see my soul

bared like my body.


You smile at me

and I think I'd do 

anything to make you happy

just so I wouldn't disappoint you. 


You grip me and bury

yourself inside me

and it hurts and feels

amazing at the same time. 


But I want to end.

I want it all to end. 

I want the pleasure and the pain,

the stares and the smiles

all to end.


Because you're not the one I want. 

You were always a distraction

to take my thoughts off him.


But it hasn't worked;

it will never work.

I can't forget him 

no matter how hard I try.


The tears, 

they flow like a faucet

relentlessly, for him,

for the heartbreak by him,

for the absense of him.

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