The Tipping Point

My Broken Heart

I miss you even when I see you;
I miss what could have been
and the thought kills me.


I begged you for another kiss
and you attacked me
for my attraction to you.


You made me absolutely worthless;
I became a puddle of tears
and you didn't even care.


I loved you once,
but that day is long past
as you continue to hurt me.


Hate took love's place
the minute you rejected me
and it's made its home there.


You've used me for the last time
and if you don't feel anything for me
then I will have to leave.


A heart can only break so many times
before it is beyond repair,
and I've reached the tipping point.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "I Hate You I Love You" by Gnash

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