Lead Me

God (Inspired by)

I've always known you were 

the best dancer in the room.


I've always heard you could make 

a woman feel like the only one

you were watching.


You offer your hand- I grasp it-

and you hold on tightly.


I sway with you 

to the tune of your humming. 


The world bends its ear 

because your song is 

the most beautiful 

we have ever listened to. 


It's a slow song 

that overcomes me with hope,

here in your arms

where I feel at home.


There was a time that 

I couldn't follow your lead

for fear that you would 

twirl me away to parts unknown. 


But now I know you would 

never lead me where you won't be,

beyond your arm's reach.


So you spin me around the room

and you eye me as a smile 

sweeps across my face.


And I feel the breeze through my skirt

and I realize this is 

what life is about.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "We Dance" by Bethel Live

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