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I spent 2017 in self-loathing so my new year's resolution for 2018 was to learn how to love. To first learn to love myself than learn to love others. We are just under two months in and I have made incremental progress. Slow progress in the first month. And this month I have been improving on a daily basis. But today I realized that forward progression can still be halted with backsliding. My heart still has a lot of growing to do. In a moment, my mind instanteously reverted to its past insecurities like all the progress I made in the last few weeks was moot. Tears filled my eyes and doubt filled my heart. But thankfully it lasted for only a little while. I breathed in and remembered how my heart was changing and that I didn't want to become who I used to be. That girl was so unhappy. The woman I was becoming had a bounce in her step and a genuine smile on her face. I wanted to be her for the rest of my life.

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keep going - youre on the

keep going - youre on the path