Greatest Love

Divine Revelation

I gave little pieces of my heart
to every man that crossed my path
until I was left with
very little to love myself.


When I once thought no one loved me,
now I see that I was loved by too many,
and God protected my heart
from being broken beyond repair.


Each man was a stepping stone that
inched me toward my final destination;
every failed relationship
brought me closer to the love I sought.


There were times I stumbled
and traversed in deep waters
I knew would try to drown me,
but God carried me through.


His arm shielded the worst heartbreak
and kept me from destruction
even when I pursued my demise
because his love was my refuge.


Although I lost pieces of my heart,
I discovered he held them in
the palm of his hand for safe-keeping,
for when I returned to him.


And into his embrace, I ran,
tears streaming down my face,
at the realization my greatest love
was in my heart the entire time.

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