Can you believe I still think about you? I found a video of you the other day. You were singing with your band. I didn't know you sang. You have a nice voice. I remember you once said you couldn't sing when I knew you.


Did you know that I compare every man I meet to you? No one measures up. No one even comes close. You are still the nearest thing to my dream man. I miss you more today than I did 10 years ago. Every day my heart aches to know someone like you. 


So many years I hated you. I wrote the worst things about you. And true, you weren't perfect. You failed me in certain ways. But I know in your relationships since you've changed. I used to think that you didn't love me enough and that was why you treated them differently than me, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you learned from your mistakes with me. I wish we could try again. I think I could love you like I couldn't then.


Maybe one day, fate will bring us together or maybe fate will find someone equally suitable for me. I'll keep waiting for someone that reminds me of you. Someone that makes me smile like you did. Someone that accepts my flaws. Someone that can be my muse. Someone to love me like I always hoped you would.

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