For over two years
we've done this back-and-forth,
this cat-and-mouse.


It started with a date
then ended abruptly
then began again with a kiss.


We call it a friendship,
but friends don't
talk the way we do.


We talk about kissing
but never see each other.


We talk about other relationships
then hooking up with each other
in the next breath.


I've wanted you these two years,
and I know you feel the same way.


But I worry that you want me
differently than I want you.


We flirt with the idea
of getting together
but I wonder if I'll regret it.


I want nothing more than
to feel your lips on me,
but what happens after?


Maybe the fantasy
will be better than the reality.


I don't want to disappoint you
and lose you in the process.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For M.R.

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