Kiss You Goodbye


We had spent three weeks apart

and after an afternoon date,

you drove me home.


You leaned in for a kiss

and I didn't feel it

like I once did.


Something changed

in my absence.


But I couldn't say goodbye.


I cried myself to sleep

that night

trying to bring myself 

to love you.


I thought there was 

something wrong with me.


But it turned out

you had lost your feelings

for me as well.


But you didn't 

say anything.


The next date went as usual;

you even introduced me

to your friend.


When we ended the night,

I gave you a quick peck

because you had a cold.


I didn't know

that would be our last kiss.


Two days later

it was over.


I never got to 

kiss you goodbye again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift

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