Watching Something Die

My Broken Heart

The worst part of a relationship is the end.


All the words left unsaid,

all the feelings thrown away.


I have so many unanswered questions.


When did you begin 

having second thoughts?


Was it something I did

or did your feelings slowly fade?


Did you even get sad

after it was over?

Did you even shed a single tear?


Closure is so elusive

when the heart is involved.


No one wants to watch something die.


But I had front rows to our demise.


The screaming,

the distant kisses,

the awkward glances,

the long silences.


Those were clues

to the mystery that would unfold.


We never once had a conversation

about why everything changed

when I returned 

from my overseas trip.


There was something unspoken

that altered the course

of our relationship.


We both grew in that separation.


Instead of absence 

making the heart fonder,

we grew apart.

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