When I Hit Rock Bottom

God (Inspired by)

Sometimes I feel helpess 

in changing my mood.


My head is a fog sometimes;

clarity evades my grasp.


I've run away when I feared being hurt,

and I've ignored my issues.


But when I hit rock bottom,

it hurts so deeply.


My conscience weighs me down with guilt

and reminds me selfishness got me here.


When I look outside myself,

I find you standing there.


Your love for me never left me

even when I turned away from you.


On days that I cursed you under my breath,

you still loved me the same.


And when I hit rock bottom again,

I hope I remember to look to you.


Because you will be there with open arms,

ready to lavish your love upon me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "When I Go Down" by Relient K

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