That Girl


I started talking to this guy and couldn't help being jealous of all the tail he must be getting but he said, no, that it wasn't like that though you would think it was. That actually he had met a girl that defied all other beautiful girls he met on a daily basis. She was smart, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous. He said he met her on a cruise back in July but barely spoke to her. But she stood out amongst the crowd, and he noticed how beautiful she was. He thought he would never see her again and regretted not getting her way. But luckily she noticed him too and after the cruise ended, he had a message from her and they started getting to know each other. He went on and on about this girl. The more he explained about her it became clear to me that I knew this girl. This girl had taken me too. I told him that I had been casually dating this girl for a couple of months. So this was the guy that my girl was thinking about when I saw her eyes glaze over. When I mentioned that I would be going on this cruise ship and I saw her look off into the distance, speechless. I couldn't help getting more and more jealous knowing this girl I was falling for was into a guy that danced like he did and who was so much more outgoing and charismatic. I didn't stand a chance. The way this guy talked about her I could tell she was more into him than she was in me. She told him that she couldn't date him because of his schedule but she constantly said she wished that wasn't the case. That she wanted more. And here I was investing money on her, catching feelings. And she was thinking about someone else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying my hand at fiction.

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